Corporate Rewards - Engaging People

Our innovative platforms and events engage people and improve performance.

We help companies grow by rewarding best behaviours from the people most valuable to their businesses (employees, customers and partners).

In creating award winning recognition, incentive and event programmes we inspire people to do more.

Our reward and incentive programmes are targeted to be used for:

  • Employee engagement programmes - getting the most from your staff with inspirational incentives and rewards
  • Sales incentive schemes - increasing sales and staff satisfaction at the same time with tailored reward schemes for staff
  • Channel incentives - gaining mindshare and inspiring partners to work harder for you
  • Corporate events - treating your teams to something they'll remember for a long time. Or to help focus staff on a specific product through launches, floor walks or hype days.

Using strategy, state-of-the-art digital next generation platforms along with effective project and event management, we deliver end-to-end programmes that are tailored to the exact needs of your business. Our innovative programmes are built with results in mind; we’re dedicated to producing a solid ROI for our clients. Discover more about what we do and how we do it, or take a look at our blog.

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'Just Try' Rugby World Cup 2015 themed sales incentive

Looking for a themed solution to help drive product sales through your channel?

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The Grand National end of incentive programme reward

How about a gripping and grand day out at the gee-gees, as an end of incentive programme reward?

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2015 'IT list' travel incentive destinations

Five exciting destinations chosen by our Events team, for your incentive trip reward prizes

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latest blog

Why Ambassadors are needed in the workplace

Employee engagement within the workforce is tricky, so why not have a company ambassador to bridge the communication gap and improve the working environment?

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Can an employee's bad mood hinder performance?

We take a look at how starting the day on a downer can affect an employee's performance and team morale, but what can an employer do to help improve the mood?

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How to avoid a disengaged employee upsetting the apple-cart

All companies wish to have a fully engaged, productive, happy team but what are the affects of having a bad apple within the workforce?

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@CorpRewards: Top tips for a happier sales team

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