Demonstrating appreciation to your employees for their contribution to your business can promote goodwill, high levels of staff satisfaction and loyalty. Once established as an integral part of your business, all this can grow organically to become a reciprocal part of your company culture, where staff recognise and encourage one another as well. 

As well as those already mentioned, there are numerous benefits to employee recognition. Staff retention can improve, so less money is wasted on recruitment and training, and you can enjoy a well-oiled, efficient and positive-thinking workforce. Plus, productivity is likely to go up as employees who feel appreciated are more likely to work much harder to do a good job for you. 


So how can you make employee recognition work for your business? Here are ten creative ideas for staff recognition to help make it an integral part of your company:


1) Implement an employee recognition programme

Setting up a tailored employee recognition scheme lets your workforce know that you’re serious about rewarding their achievements. It can be the most straightforward way to show that you appreciate your employees. The programmes also have a well-structured implementation process, which makes it easy for you to run and for your staff to use. To learn how to get your scheme up and running, read our blog post, Six steps to implementing an employee recognition programme.    


2) Recognition wall

Designate an area of the office that can be your staff recognition wall where you can shout about your outstanding employees. It’s a great chance to celebrate their success in a very visible way. It also encourages peers to share each other’s achievements and support one another.


3) Instant points vouchers

Find a way to recognise excellence as it happens, so that staff aren’t left feeling unnoticed. Vouchers can be a great vehicle for this, as they’re low-cost and can be kept in the office. They can provide an instant morale boost. If presented at work in front of their colleagues, they can also be a good motivator for their peers, with the positive message that good things happen when hard work is put in.


4) e-thank you certificates

A quick and inexpensive route to appreciation is to send an e-thank you certificate that’s designed in line with your company branding. This can detail the reasons for the recognition and be sent quickly to acknowledge an employee’s hard work straight away. Recipients can even print it out as a longstanding reminder of their achievement.


5) Invest in careers

You should aim to retain valuable employees, so it’s important to show a vested interest in their career development. Consider constructing personal development plans and invest in training to extend their skills and knowledge. Employees should appreciate your commitment and will be much more likely to remain loyal. The added bonus is a well-trained, expert workforce.


6) Celebrate anniversaries

Another route to loyalty can be to acknowledge key milestones along the way. You can do this by recognising anniversaries, as staff stay and grow with your company, and providing rewards to demonstrate your appreciation of their longevity. 


7) Toast success

Be it within a team or company-wide, it’s important to celebrate success. This could be following a new product or project launch, or perhaps staff have been working long hours to get a job done. Whatever it may be, you can show your employees it’s appreciated with a pizza party lunch, a dinner out, or a champagne toast. Even just a mention at company meetings can go down well. However you choose to celebrate staff success, you should aim to makes sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.


8) Company values

Another idea for employee recognition is to embrace your company values and tie them to staff performance. Try running a monthly awards system whereby employees can nominate peers based on their demonstration of company values. This inclusive approach shows that everyone’s opinion matters, so that it’s not just the nominees who feel valued. 


9) Company awards

Consider running awards tailored to your company. Categories can cover what you do and how you do it, and your employees can vote for the winners. Also, by making a big deal of the event and announcing the winners publicly, such as by sending out a press release, you can demonstrate to all your employees that their contribution matters. 


10) Company newsletters

Another creative idea for staff recognition in business is to put together a company newsletter. You can send this out to highlight key achievements or targets that employees have hit, key anniversaries or even training accomplishments. Whatever you do to draw attention to their success, big or small, it can go a long way towards employee satisfaction. This can create a positive working environment that people will want to be a part of.


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