Fostering a high performing sales team can give your company growth, profitability, and a better overall business performance.

Providing a voice for a business and a direct line to its customers, a sales team for many people is the lifeblood of a company that’s critical to its future success. Using sales incentive programmes that ensure your team consistently put in a high performance to get the best sale results is therefore crucial.

So what sales incentive ideas can help you manage your sales people to become a team of high performers?

Sales teams are known for many things: strong personalities, varying capabilities, forthright attitudes, to name a few. It’s important to grasp this to understand what drives your sales people, know how to keep them motivated to keep them hitting their targets.

The key: promote a collaborative approach so your sales people all strive for the same outcome; give them the same opportunities and the tools to reach their goals; be aware of their progress; and be consistent in what you offer to maintain a high performance.


These five sales incentive ideas, tips and suggestions to best manage your sales team aim to help across all these areas, while bringing the best results to your company.

1) Incentivise your sales team

  • Using an engagement incentive platform allows you to connect with your team by offering rewards for their achievements
  • Consider tiering the rewards on offer so that all team members are catered for and different levels of success can be acknowledged
  • It’s a good idea to focus on the end goal so that everyone knows what they have to do to win an award. For example, set sales targets to ensure that more wins will follow.

2) Monitor your team performance

  • The engagement platform you use, ideally, should have two-way visibility. This allows your sales team to view their own progress, and for you to monitor their ongoing performance
  • KPIs and measurable targets are best set so that all parties are clear on what is required. Trackers can also be implemented to ensure they stay on course
  • Using a reporting dashboard should also make it easy for you to run reports and monitor the status of every team member at a moment’s notice
  • In driving peak performance, consider using this knowledge to engage with your teams, provide feedback and coach them along the way

3) Educate

  • It’s important to make sure your teams are equipped with the information and tools they need to succeed
  • The more information they have about your product and brand, the more prepared they will be to sell more of it
  • Consider integrating e-learning into your engagement platform to make training and knowledge easily accessible from a central point
  • Online training is quick and inexpensive and allows you to encourage participation and push performance, with rewards given for completion and good test results


4) Keep them engaged

  • Communicate! The best way to keep your sales team interested is to provide regular updates and interaction to keep them engaged, so that you remain top of mind
  • You can maintain momentum with different tactics that will position your brand as a priority. SPIF days are a great example of how you can make this process fun and effective <read more>
  • Consider rewarding good results in a timely fashion with instant points vouchers and on-the-spot prizes – staff knowing this is on offer will certainly boost their motivation
  • Offer even more desirable rewards for specific goals that can be worked towards over time. Great examples include a reward day experience or incentive travel trip <read the blog>


5) Reward success

  • “Thank you” goes a long way in making staff feel appreciated and keen to succeed on your behalf – don’t forget to say it when it counts
  • Recognise success – nothing is more demotivating that an achievement that hasn’t been acknowledged for many employees
  • It’s wise to ensure promised rewards are delivered when targets are achieved
  • Consider rewarding appropriately, so that everyone has something to strive for. Smaller awards, like points for prizes, can reward lesser achievements. Meanwhile, more meaningful gifts, like an incentive travel trip, can be presented for high-value successes.


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