Christmas is a time for giving and goodwill. With this in mind, it makes it the ideal time for you to run a themed incentives scheme that rewards your sales team for hitting their targets in the run up to the festive season.

As well as drawing attention to a rewards scheme, a themed sales incentive programme can help motivate your employees and push them to work harder, hit higher targets and achieve more sales when it’s needed most, like during a busy Christmas period.


We’ve selected three fun Christmas-themed sales incentive ideas to help boost your staff’s performance, while getting them into the spirit of the season:

1) Instant Points Codes

Easily themed and straightforward to run, this instant, short-term, tactical campaign can have an immediate impact on your sales team in the run up to Christmas.

Carrying out the programme involves briefing sales people on their targets, according to your requirements. This could be for number of sales, specific product sales, or bundles. As soon as these targets are hit, the individual receives an Instant Points Code. This voucher code, which has a set value, can be delivered by email or presented in person, depending on your approach.

The employee then visits your Christmas-themed website, created as part of the incentive programme, to choose an exciting reward to the value of their voucher. The site, which can be branded with your company logo and messaging, is stocked with a rewards catalogue of your choosing, full of Christmassy treats and gift ideas. This can range from food hampers to trips to London’s Winter Wonderland. Alternatively, staff might choose to pass on the voucher as a present to a loved one, still benefitting from its value while sharing in the joy of giving.


2) Scratchcard

Another fun Christmas-themed sales incentive to consider is a Scratchcard scheme. You can set up a festive scratchcard site in line with your company branding and messaging and decide how the scratchcards are distributed.

Like with an Instant Points Code programme, targets are set to drive staff performance. When a participant reaches their goal, a Scratchcard code is awarded for the chance to win a top prize. Throughout the incentive period, a daily prize draw is also run where a winning code is allocated and a series of Christmas-themed prizes are up for grabs.

Good prizes to choose for your staff are those that can be taken home on the day, like a cool gadget, a crate of wine, or Christmas shopping vouchers. This ensures there is maximum staff engagement, as employees work hard to win and gain the satisfaction of being rewarded instantly. The scheme also has high visibility, as employees can see the rewards that can be, and are, won on the day.

A popular choice of scratchcard is the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, which involves running a prize draw every day for twelve days. As well as fitting perfectly into your Christmas theme, this helps ramp up excitement and can drive momentum over a short period.


3) Incentive schemes with Christmas-themed events and trips

In contrast to scratch cards, these types of Christmas-themed incentive schemes can drive engagement over a longer period, such as a three-month timeline to allow sales to accumulate.

Similar to the Instant Points Code, once a salesperson hits a target a voucher code is awarded to them. The recipient then visits your branded Christmas website to redeem points against their chosen reward. The difference is that individuals can log their points and allow them to build up to win a big luxury prize, rather than redeeming them against an instant reward. This could include a place on an incentive travel trip to go skiing, a visit to a Prague Christmas market, or even Christmas shopping in New York.

The website can also feature a league table so employees can track their own progress and that of their colleagues. This can drive some friendly competition, encouraging staff to work harder, while providing the chance for some smaller spot prizes to be won, recognising whoever is top of the table come Christmas. 


Whatever Christmas-themed sales incentive idea you choose, whether it’s a points system or a scratchcard scheme, you should be able to motivate your staff to achieve higher sales and work hard to hit new targets. In doing so, you can maintain that momentum for when the New Year begins.


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