At Corporate Rewards we like to practice what we preach, so when it came to designing our new office space we wanted to create something engaging and rewarding. Even something as little as a five minute break away from your desk can make a difference to any team member. That’s why we were delighted when we discovered the table tennis meeting table from office fitness. The table creates a welcome distraction when you’re having one of those creative blocks, and can help to re-focus the team by letting them have a quick catch up over a rally.

Table Tennis

Rewards don’t have to be huge, even the smaller details can make a big difference to the engagement of a team. Being in a relaxing and collaborative environment can help to trigger those ‘light bulb moments’ and our new office has benefited from this practical, yet fun addition.

It has even highlighted some hidden talents of the team; our Sales Director Dan Kelly recently revealed that he was once crowned under 14’s champion. This has inspired the rest of the team to brush up on their table tennis skills, and the Corporate Rewards Championships has been born.

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