When a friend of mine suggested that we go back to college to learn something new, I was tentative. Time is precious, and with all the other social commitments throughout the week I was really unsure. She managed to persuade me to enrol on upholstery for beginners; if all else failed at least it would mean I would spend two hours each Monday with my best friend. The first lesson we had to bring a piece of furniture that we wanted to re-upholster. Whilst everyone else showed up with arm chairs and dining room furniture, I had scrabbled around the house and discovered a rather tired looking foot stool that my grandfather had made for me when I was six. It looked rather measly next to everyone else’s grand projects. I thought I would start small, after all I had never picked up a chisel and hammer in my life, and this wasn’t something that came naturally.

One of the first tasks was to strip back the furniture to see what we had to work with. When I pulled off the old material and the disintegrated foam I discovered that my grandfather had written a message on the wood inside the footstool when he made it all those years ago. It was such a pleasant surprise, and one that caught the attention of the rest of the class. Everyone was now intrigued as to how I was going re-invent such a small but perfectly formed little foot stool that had been hiding in my loft for so many years.

I was now determined to create something that my grandfather would be proud of, and that would do his handy work justice. I made slow progress; this whole upholstery business was harder than some people make it look! Six weeks later I had created something that I was proud to show my grandfather, and he loved the fact that I had taken what he’d created and turned it into something new.


It made me think of how we do things here at Corporate Rewards; although we’re a small agency, our mission is to craft bespoke solutions for our clients that they’ll be proud of. Like my foot stool had taken me on a journey, we take our clients on a journey. One that discovers exactly what they’re looking for, listens, and creates the right solution for them. We strip back the brief and identify the aims of each project and the right members of our team work together with yours. Recognising the importance of engaging colleagues early on by sharing ideas and gaining feedback; creating a communication that excites, inspires and provokes interest.

I suppose any one can take a brief and create something, but what makes it memorable or special? You’ll always get the same result from the same input, and it’s important to take the time to realise your investment and the importance of what you’re about to create. Often it’s more beneficial to take the time to get it right. Whether it’s an online incentive, recognition programme, or an event, the beauty of what we can do is in the fact that we have the ability to provide solutions, to a variety of problems that each individual client has. Paying attention to detail, and providing measurable results that exceed everyone expectations. Take a look at Dan’s blog from last week on how to build a dream online incentive programme. Sometimes the best things come from one conversation; if you’re unsure on how to engage and motivate your team, start a conversation with us; after all it may take you on an unexpected journey with some unexpected results…


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