Businesses can reap the rewards when implementing employee incentive programmes, from a stronger staff performance to achieving higher product sales. When using incentive travel as a means of the reward, a manager’s main concern is ensuring it adds such value to the business. Making sure an incentive travel experience isn’t just a jolly holiday for their employees, and provides a real, practical benefit for their company.

Whether it’s given as a team prize for meeting set sales targets, or an annual trip for your high performers, incentive travel isn’t just about rewarding and recognising hard work with a holiday. It’s also about incentivising your best employees to become more successful in your business. It does this by:

  • Giving personal value – makes staff feel appreciated, an asset to your company and part of something special
  • Motivating them to work harder – encourages staff to engage in your company and deliver better results before the trip and after, when they come back buzzing with excitement
  • Boosting company morale – generates excitement across the team, which creates a good working atmosphere
  • Inspiring other employees  – the excitement that develops before and after a trip can filter down across the team, inspiring others to work hard to earn similar rewards
  • Improving staff loyalty – these staff incentives can act as a big business benefit, encouraging employees to stay with a company for years to come


scuba diving on an incentive trip


Types of travel incentive trips  

Working to your budget, Corporate Rewards looks at incentive travel in two ways, aiming to bring these benefits to your business while giving employees a truly memorable experience:

1) A once-in-a-life-time-style trip to a long-haul destination the employees might not have visited. Trips include Hong Kong, Tokyo, South Africa, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.

2) A trip with a different experience to a holiday destination employees may have visited…. just with something a little extra/out of the ordinary. Imagine a trip to Dublin, with activities like cycling along the Irish coast and a private tour of the Guinness Storehouse. Or island-hopping in Croatia, enjoying some jet skiing, an exclusive tour of Pazin Kastel castle and VIP entry to its famous Papaya nightclub.


So what can these travel incentives offer employees that’s more beneficial than a typical holiday?


Both types of trip can be part of wider three - six-month employee incentive programmes, with activities such as sales floor days taking place before the trip to boost motivation, performance and start generating the excitement right from the outset.

And whether you’re taking a group of staff to Ireland or Japan, both travel incentive experiences can have the same impact on your employees. Benefits like these: 


Building team dynamics

Incentive travel isn’t a holiday with family. It’s a trip away with colleagues,where they can build some important relationships. Employees working in an international business can meet company staff from international regions, creating new working relationships too.

Staff can also take part in activities that strengthen team dynamics further – consider white water rafting on Africa’s Zambezi river, or boating together around Croatia’s coastline.


Educating and developing new skills

Incentive travel can be educationaland include opportunities to build brand or product knowledge – from training days and product launches to visiting a company’s production plant or headquarters.

Incentive trips are a unique opportunity to have all your key performers, often from multiple offices or countries, in one place at one time.  So this is a chance to include a session on new solutions, product development and future strategy, building on their knowledge and providing them with the tools to head back to work and continue to strive to achieve better business performance.

There’s also the opportunity to build practical skills and learn some new ones –from a workshop teaching how to make sushi to constructing a robot to play in a game of robot football in Tokyo.


New experiences, cultures and surprises 

Incentive travel can allow employees to visit places they haven’t been, while experiencing new cultures, cuisines and activities. Imagine enjoying a meal at a cliffside restaurant in Montenegro at sunset, or an early morning private Tai Chi session on Hong Kong’s waterfront.

Although employees receive a full trip itinerary, there’s always room for some surprises too – maybe a private session feeding elephants in South Africa, or a private tour of Victoria Falls.

In adding values like stronger working relationships and skill sets, alongside tastes of new cultures and memorable experiences, travel incentives don’t just help your employees’ performance take off – they can make it fly. Your staff are provided with long lasting memories attributed to your business. When recognised for their performance they will feel appreciated and a valuable asset to your business ­– dedicated, committed, loyal and inspired to do more.


To find out more about our ideas for incentive travel and get the most from your employees, get in touch. For further information, check out our Incentive Travel page.  

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