When packing for a holiday, no matter how much we might try and justify needing to take the massive suitcase that could, quite frankly, fit the kitchen sink in it, if we’re really honest, we don’t use half the stuff we pack just in case a) the first seven swimsuits we packed get blown off the washing line in a freak Greek-island tornado b) just one full bottle of shampoo that would normally last two months isn’t quite enough for a week  c) we honestly think we’ll wear all the different pairs of shoes we’ve packed (meaning we need to change our footwear at least twice a day) or d) we really will wear a different perfume/ aftershave every evening (reality: why would you take even one? You’re only making yourself more and more attractive to the local mozzies!).

The same goes for festivals, camping, glamping or any other activity you might be undertaking this summer that means you’ll be away from the comfort of home for a short while. So, be frugal with your packing and be honest with yourself – after all, it’s you who will have to carry everything and, chances are, you could cope for a couple of days without a few luxuries!

Last week we shared five ideas for exciting events this summer. Here’s our events team’s list of festival essentials:

festival checklist

Next week we’ll be sharing our top tips to make your event memorable for all the right reasons.

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