Hit sales targets with a pre-Christmas short-term tactical campaign


Not just a time for goodwill to all, Christmas it is also a time of spending, which is good news for companies and sales teams everywhere!

Many organisations see a large percentage of their sales made during the run up to Christmas, which makes it a very important period in the business calendar. However, employees may have their thoughts elsewhere, planning their own celebrations and getting ready to wind down for the break. This makes it especially important for sales managers to put sales incentive ideas and employee incentive programmes into action, to maintain momentum and keep teams motivated right up until Christmas Eve.


Easy ways to motivate

Given that this time of year is all about fun and positivity, it makes sense to bring this atmosphere into the office environment. If businesses embrace the party atmosphere, staff will be enthusiastic about being there and keen to be involved.

It could be as simple as decking the office halls with festive decorations, and providing staff with Christmas snacks they can graze on, like mince pies, candy canes and choccies. Maybe even crack out the mulled wine on a Friday!


Fun can be seriously good for business

Taking the celebratory atmosphere a stage further, a great option is to hold a SPIF day (Sales, Promotion, Incentive and Fun). Perfect for generating buzz and excitement, these sales days can be easily themed to fit the season and add to the expectation.

SPIF days focus teams on short-term targets and there are usually additional activities going on throughout. For a themed event these could include a Christmas tree decorated with instant rewards or a visiting Santa to deliver rewards to those hitting their targets. Supporting activities could involve throwing snowballs through a hole to win a prize, creating an upbeat feel and bags of team spirit as people cheer each other on. They are excellent as a sales incentive plan or as part of your on-going employee engagement programme.


Building the impact over time

For a more sustained impact, SPIF-style events can be run over a longer period and at this time of year a 12 Days of Christmas theme would be ideal! This allocates a more substantial time period for sales teams to concentrate on, and could allow for a larger, more desirable prize for the overall winner at the end.

League tables could be set up for the duration to generate healthy competition and to maintain the drive to sell, sell sell! The prizes themselves could also be themed to streamline the entire experience, perhaps a ski trip, a weekend away to European Christmas markets or a holiday to Lapland.

If something like this was on offer, it could perhaps apply to a group of winners so the likelihood of winning is greater and your staff feel it’s really worth trying; the bigger the prize, the greater the incentive to perform.


Already have plans?

For companies with an incentives programme already in place, it’s worth embracing a Christmas theme to generate excitement, remind staff of what’s on offer and make sure your scheme is top of mind.

Perhaps you could offer additional rewards to encourage enthusiastic selling during this key time.  For example, instant rewards in the office, like scratchcards or instant points vouchers that can be redeemed in the rewards catalogue Christmas shop. You can find out more about these here. The prospect of winning an award there and then is always an excellent motivator.

Alternatively, offering products that help to ease the cost Christmas could be popular, or even prizes that can be used in the New Year – to brighten up what is traditionally a less cheerful time.

As Christmas is always a time for giving gifts, it’s a great idea to incorporate this into the workplace and give back to your staff with the provision of incentives; be it a one-off event or an ongoing programme. As well as driving your staff to achieve, this approach will also allow you to end the year on a real high, hitting targets, creating job satisfaction and sending everyone home for the holidays with a smile on their faces.


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