Incentive travel is the ultimate reward when it comes to motivating and incentivising your employees. We all enjoy the chance to get away, enjoy some sightseeing, thrill-seeking or just unwind and relax, so offering a holiday in return for hard work is an excellent way to encourage high performance.

Integrating travel options into your incentive programme is easy to do. You can offer anything from a UK weekend break to an exotic overseas week away, tailored to fit your budget. Holidays also create memories that last a lifetime, so using them as rewards can be forever linked to your company, in turn building loyalty and engagement with your staff.


Incentive Travel Destinations Guide 2016


At Corporate Rewards, our experts manage incentive travel programmes for many of our clients. Here are ten of the top destinations they have planned for 2016:         


Baku, Azerbaijan

The first city in Azerbaijan to be classified as a World Heritage Site, this destination offers much to see. Highlights include a walking tour of the Walled City and the 15th century Palace of Shirvanshahs.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa’s vibrant city boasts the breath-taking Table Mountain, the Stellenbosch wine region and beautiful Camps Bay. For the adrenaline junkies there is also the chance to experience shark cage diving and abseiling.


With its narrow streets, crooked houses and canals, this stylish city offers streets of shops and restaurants, with a contemporary waterfront. For sport lovers wakeboarding is on offer, or wannabe chefs classes to cook Nordic cuisine.


Consisting of more than a thousand islands, this holiday destination boasts long coastlines, medieval attractions and numerous shops and restaurants. For party people, there are nightclubs, beach parties and festivals aplenty.


With up to three months in 24-hour daylight, and the chance to see the Northern Lights, Greenland is a once in a lifetime destination. For the snow and water sport lovers, there is the chance for skiing, dog sledding, kayaking and diving.


Offering year-round Mediterranean sun, Malta has much to offer outdoor, from snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon to enjoying luxury spa treatments. The island’s interesting history is also visible, including the battlements of capital Valletta.


Known for its heritage souqs and extravagant malls, Qatar offers so much more – from opera to camel racing. A tour of its majestic sweeping Arabian landscape is also a highlight.


The largest of the Balkan countries, Romania boasts mountain scenery and a coastline on the Black Sea. You can visit the Palace of Parliament, the second largest building in the world, or, if you’re feeling brave, take a tour of the home of Dracula.


With its tropical forests, enchanting caves, waterfalls and stunning views, Vietnam is a country of exotic beauty. Thrill seekers can also enjoy rock climbing and kitesurfing, or swim its underground rivers.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The capital of Lithuania is considered the ornate beauty of the Baltic. From beautiful architecture to go-karting and zip wire experiences through the tree tops, Vilnius also caters for diverse interests.  




Incentive Travel destinations 2016



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