E-learning may be the newest option when it comes to staff training, but it’s all set to become the front-runner.  Let’s face it, everything is going online these days, and training is no different, as the benefits that it brings, to both employer and employee, are too great to ignore.  Put simply, e-learning is training or education via electronic media, be it text, audio, images, video or animation.  As we all become increasingly internet-savvy, this form of training is without a doubt becoming the preferred route to knowledge, whatever the industry you’re in.

knowledge is power

From an employer’s point of view, the cost saving is indisputable.  Travel expenses become null and void, which means many more staff members can receive training with less time out of the office and no cost implications attached to their attendance.


Encouraging your staff to learn more about your business and your sales can only have a positive impact on your bottom line.  The more information and training that is made available to your staff, the more knowledge they will have, which will only make them more credible sales people and result in more sales.  Knowledge is power.

E-learning makes it easy to increase the amount of training available, and broadly improve the abilities of the workforce whilst boosting staff satisfaction, making employees feel valued and more engaged.


The e-learning route guarantees an equal level of service through a set and pre-approved standardised presentation and materials, giving employers the peace of mind that their staff are receiving quality and relevant learning apparatus.


Building an e-learning portal and including all the materials and reference points that you require, is quick and easy to do.  Most resources are available electronically these days, so compiling them into a planned programme, including a course calendar, tests and exams, plus links to other internal systems, such as rewards and recognition, is an efficient, streamlined process.  It is also highly adaptable if information becomes out of date, or the theme of a particular course needs to change.  It’s simple to alter and instantly updated, ensuring that your e-learning programmes will always be current.


Another great perk of running an e-learning programme is that it can be linked internally to any other online systems that you have underway.  A perfect example is an employee reward system, which can fit in seamlessly with an e-learning initiative; it’s a great way to incentivise training! Rewards programmes run to motivate and engage staff by allowing them to work towards a goal.  If your e-learning programme is linked to your online rewards programmes then additional points could be won by completing various e-learning modules.  This would definitely make your staff keen to hone and develop their skills – not only will their knowledge base increase, but so will their progress towards rewards.


Training has long been recognised as both necessary and beneficial to business, whatever your industry may be.  E-learning is the natural evolution, encompassing the benefits that training has always embodied, and adding more by making the process easier, cheaper, more accessible and adaptable! It’s the positive next step for any forward-thinking company.


In summary, the benefits of utilising an effective e-learning portal are:

-          time saving

-          cost effective

-          using standardised, relevant materials

-          increased employee product knowledge

-          enhanced  staff confidence when talking about and selling a product

-          staff satisfaction

-          adaptability

-          greater employee engagement

-          rewarding education

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