We recently attended the Motivate Europe Live exhibition, the first Incentive, Recognition and Motivation event of its kind in Europe.

We provided delegates with the latest insights into the industry, by giving two presentations across the event.


David Gould, Managing Director, shares his presentation "more than just rewards". This presentation is about planning for a successful recognition or incentive programme. By thinking about the programme as a whole you will benefit not purely by thinking about the desired end result or what to do about launching successfully but the entire journey. Sometimes programmes do take time to get going. People are creatures of habit, therefore it is easier and quicker to gain user adoption by motivating them to do more of what they already do rather than asking them to do something new. Nevetheless, if you firmly believe that the programme is important and it has been planned with full consideration you must stick to your guns and hold your nerve. Give the programme time to bed in, illicit feedback from the audience and modify or accelerate the communications activities planned.

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Dan Kelly, Sales and Marketing Director, discusses "instant rewards, instant impact". This presentation looks at why is it important to reward people; the need and psychology behind what motivates different people and why they need to feel recognised and rewarded appropriately. Dan also looks into the effects of rewarding employees instantly and the impact of digital rewards and what you can do to deliver these rewards in the most efficient and impactful way.

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