Call Me Love heartAs we head towards Valentine's Day, there's no escaping the love that's in the air. We asked some of the Corporate Rewards staff where they'd like to take their Valentine this weekend...


Matt Redwood, Business Development Manager

My girlfriend and I have been to Prague together before but we loved it so much, it would make a perfect Valentine's weekend retreat. I'd definitely eat as many crepes as possible! I love them and never eat them any other time. We'd wonder along Charles Bridge and see the artists at work, street performers, musicians playing and hand made jewellery for sale. In the evening we hop on to the Jazz Boat for food, drink and dancing. On the second night we'd go to the theatre.


Jade Smith, Marketing Administrator

I've always wanted to go to Stockholm so Valentine's weekend is a great excuse to go to Sweden!!! We'd visit the Skansen Museum - the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891. After all that walking, we'd definitely have an appetite so we'd head to Grillska Husets Konditori cafe and bakery for something to eat. Day two would be spent visiting the National Museum and we'd round off the weekend at the Grodan cocktail bar.


Timothy Osborne-Barker, Business Development Executive

I'd take my Valentine to Paris for a long weekend. We'd have Champagne and strawberries on the Eurostar then spend two days wondering around the city taking in all the sites. I'd love to visit the Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame and The Louvre. We'd have a freshly made crepe as we walk along to the Eiffel Tower. The next two days of our trip would be spent in Disney Land!


Kevin Chamberlain, New Business Development Director

I'd go back to Milan - my wife has never been and I know she would love it there. There's so much to do in one weekend but we'd put our walking shoes on and do as much as possible!! There's the incredible Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle, Piazzo del Duomo. The food and drink is out of this world and after all that sightseeing, I think we'll want a glass of something cold!



Map of Europe


You might also like to consider...

Istanbul - take a tram across the Golden Bridge to the old town and visit Hagia Sophia - the oldest cathedral in Istanbul, converted into a mosque and now a World Heritage Site. The Blue Mosque is a must while you are there. Stroll around the Grand Bazaar and get something to eat from the market while you explore the quarters. You can pick up something special in the jewellery quarter while you're there!

Dublin - for the Guinness Storehouse, Jamieson Factory, Fire restaurant, Temple Bar Gallery and Studio and enjoy a stroll beside the Liffey River.

Rome - St Peter's Square, Vatican City, The Coliseum, Museo Nazionale di Castewl Sant'Angelo and, of course, the Trevi Fountain. All of this while eating lots and lots of fresh gelato!

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Looks like we've covered much of Europe and all of those trips sound perfect to us! Of course, if they are having trouble organising this, they could speak to our award winning events team. They love organising events of all shapes and sizes, in the UK and abroad.


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