They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, it seems that's the way to the whole of the Corporate Rewards team's stomachs! Here's what some of them will be rustling up this Valentine's day...

Call me Love Heart


Sue Malins, Finance Manager

I'll be cooking my husband's favourite: gammon, egg, pineapple and vegetables.

Jack Featherstone - Head of Design

Lasagne and chips - every time!

Aimee Russell, Project Administrator

I'd cook spaghetti Carbonara...but I'm hoping it won't be me doing the cooking!

Maj Asif, Graphic Designer

Steak and chips - and lots of it!

Chelsea Harrison, Accounts Assistant

It has to be a favourite of mine: chicken wrapped in bacon with potatoes parmentier served up with a glass of rose wine. Dessert will be anything containing chocolate!

Jeremy Coleman, Director of Gaming Rewards

I'll be rustling up something extra special: fillet of Nile perch with a lime and herb crust and lemon rice. All washed down with a nicely chilled Spanish white wine.

Caterina George, Office Manager

I'd really like to be cooked for and I'd be happy for a plate of crepes!!!


Mmmmmm, that all sounds delicious! But who's going to do the washing up??!!

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