There are different reasons you may want to incentivise your workforce – recognition, nomination and motivation. On average most businesses see a growth in productivity by 44% just by introducing an incentive programme.

But what are the options when you are required to incentivise employees or partners who are working online and/or offline for the business?

Our workforce is mainly office based
The great thing about an office-based workforce is you can implement a long term online strategy with a cost effective communication plan.

An online programme enables the participants to earn points based on sales/targets set, peer to peer recognition or nominations, for example and they accumulate these over a specific timeframe, redeeming them against rewards/prizes. It allows you to measure engagement levels, progress and conversion more effectively and is easier to report against your clearly defined goals and business objectives.

With online platforms you may want to have leader boards to increase healthy competition. Users can view their progress and have instant access from their desktop or on the move with their mobile or tablet.

All communications are sent electronically via email or are added to the platform, helping to eliminate costs against printed collateral.

Our workforce has no regular internet access
You can still incentive staff effectively when they have limited or no access to the internet. We’re talking sales teams on the road or blue-collar workers based on the factory floor.

There is still the option to have a central online platform, especially as the programme can be used on mobile devices. However, in cases of staff having no internet access, the programme would just work slightly differently by having printed materials included in their working environment informing them of the incentive details. So printed posters, reward catalogues, monthly reward points statements for example.

And to drive momentum, you could have physical scratch cards being handed out, floor walks, workshop days or mini event days.


What if we are incentivising externally i.e. retailers, partners or distributors?
In our experience, to ensure this works effectively and to increase activity you need a ‘driver’. This could be someone internal to the business, or a sales team who have regular contact with those being incentivised is ideal so that they can reiterate what is available to them and encourage them to participate. The participants will feel more associated to the programme if they feel like they are being communicated with personally and are included in the opportunities available.


online offline incentive programmes


Top tips to consider, when thinking about implementing an incentive programme: 

  1. Audience - Who are you targeting? - Consider the different locations, languages, capabilities? - What motivates them? Different rewards appeal to different people

  2. Lead times - What’s your turnaround time? - When do you need to launch the programme?

  3. Training - Do you need a training workshop/launch event to explain how the programme works? - When does this need to happen, in respect of the go-live date? - Are the participants tech savvy? Do they need any additional user training?

  4. Communication - Who is going to be the ‘driver’ internally? - How are you going to keep the participants updated? What’s the plan? - When and how often will you communicate? - What’s the balance of comms so that you don’t bombard the participant but equally you don’t want to be aloof. They need to be constantly engaged with. - Comms will be different for online and offline – online can be instant, offline needs a little more planning

  5. Budget - Is your budget reflective of what you want to achieve? - Your budget will determine the extent of your prizes, events, and communication


There are many questions to think about when thinking about setting up an incentive programme and the options available for online and offline participants. But that’s our forte; helping you to plan implement an effective platform that works for your business, we are there every step of the way.

You can view case studies here for some of our clients and the results from incentivising.

If you need any further information contact us at Corporate Rewards

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