Scratchcard campaign



If you have some budget that you need to implement now in order to make a quick impact and drive sales, then why not consider a Scratchcard campaign?


We have a ready and waiting Summer campaign designed, that's available for you to activate within your sales team instantly. 


Once a user achieves their target, like closes a qualified sale or books a meeting, they are sent a unique code via email, print or SMS. They are redirected to a fully branded Scratchcard site, where they enter their code. If they match three of the same pictures they'll win a prize selected from the Summer themed reward shop that could include a BBQ, sunglasses, camera or a short break, for example. 


  • Quick and seamless integration
  • Branded to include your company identity
  • Flexible and adaptable (1 - 10,000+ codes)
  • Trackable activity and reporting
  • Cost effective


Sound interesting? Contact us for further details 


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