Incentive travel can be a powerful business tool to drive optimum employee performance. When used efficiently as a kind of “carrot and stick” approach – referring to the idea of offering rewards to induce good behavior – a good incentive travel idea will act as an inducement to staff, in the run up to, and during, the trip.

When executed well, however, incentive travel has many benefits that can be felt both before and after a trip. As a result, incentive travel rewards don’t just help drive optimum performance, they can maintain it too, further boosting your wider business performance.

Here are some of the key benefits that can come from good incentive travel ideas, before and after the trip happens.


Before the trip:

  •  Buzz and anticipation – The announcement of an incentive travel opportunity can create excitement in the office. It will also be a hot topic of conversation, generating a positive reaction and, as a result, a bit of morale boost.
  • Boosting motivation – The knowledge that the trip reward has been made available to your employees should capture their attention, and make them feel valued and keen to prove themselves. Once targets are set, so that staff know what to achieve to win a place on the trip, you can expect a frenzy of activity as employees seek to secure their spot.
  • Increasing productivity – Higher levels of engagement and renewed motivation can have a significant impact on productivity. You can expect to see staff demonstrate fresh drive and passion as they focus on results that have a direct effect on product output.
  • Achieving business goals – As activity levels hit a new high, there will inevitably be more sales, with more staff achieving their targets. This should mean better results for your business and a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Strengthening sales channels – Channel partners can also become highly engaged with your brand and your products when something as desirable as incentive travel is made available to them. If they work on competitive brands too, this approach can give you an edge that makes your company stand out and helps ensure that your channel sales team is well and truly focused on you.

After the trip:

  •  Refreshed and work ready – Having invested time and energy into reaching peak performance in the office, your staff are likely to truly appreciate the rest and relaxation that incentive travel can bring. In turn, this can allow employees to return to work refreshed and ready for action once again. And, hopefully, keen to earn their place on your next scheduled incentive travel trip.
  • Positive thinking – The exciting experience of a holiday commonly makes people feel good. The unique experience of a rewarded incentive travel trip can trigger a stronger positive reaction and enhance morale, after buzzing staff are back in the office. Happier staff should have a better attitude to work and make the office an enjoyable place to be. This can spark shared good feelings across your workforce about being part of your company.
  • Increased loyalty – All these good feelings and new appreciation towards your company for providing such a premium reward can also build strong bonds with your employees. This can encourage them to become loyal to your business and brand and want to stay with your company for longer. If they know they will be treated well at your company, and that hard work is appreciated and rewarded, they will be less likely to investigate moving elsewhere or to one of your competitors.
  • Stronger team – Incentive travel trips that reward a whole team can provide an excellent opportunity for team building. When employees spend time together outside the office, it can enhance relationships and allows staff to get to know each other even better. If new friendships can be built, then your team dynamic should improve too, inspiring better working relationships on return to the office.
  • Long-lasting memories – Time spent on an incentive travel trip can create memories for an employee, which link to your company and last well beyond the experience itself. This can also lead to conversations among colleagues and friends, during which they would portray your company as a positive and rewarding place to work. It’s worth remembering that no one can really promote your brand better than your own happy, satisfied and loyal staff.


With benefits like these, from start to finish incentive travel can both drive and maintain your best staff performance. As a result, you can get better results from them and, in return, your business and your bottom line.

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