Sales teams are the life blood of many companies, keeping products or services in demand and bringing in profits. Keeping them motivated to do a good job should be a top priority. And this is why sales incentive programmes can be such an asset. Providing a visible means of rewarding your sales team on an ongoing basis means that there is constant encouragement in place for them to work hard and hit targets.

Planning your
sales incentive programme

Once you’ve decided that sales incentives are the best route for your business, it’s time to figure out how you’d like to position them and what form they should take. Non-monetary rewards can be much more effective than cash (see our blog post, why rewards are better employee incentives than money) so how do you decide what to give? All sorts of factors affect these decisions, including available budgets, who you’re rewarding – teams or individuals – should the rewards be tiered, and will staff choose their own? The list goes on. However you go about deciding, it’s important to be informed and consider your options.

Instant rewards

These are a great way of recognising staff achievements in the short term. Rather than being forced to wait for an official time of year, like Christmas or the start of the financial year, with an instant reward staff can be rewarded as soon as they make their great achievement. This could involve a facility to load and award a prepaid card that staff can use to treat themselves. Alternatively, a reward might reflect the time of year. In the summer, for example, it could be festival tickets or perhaps an event like Ascot or Wimbledon. In winter it might be a trip to a Christmas Market or a Winter Wonderland event. Whatever the reward may be, the idea is that you recognise good work as it happens and reward it in an appropriate and timely manner, keeping motivation levels high as a result.

Team rewards

When a whole team deserves recognition and you’re aiming to nurture team spirit and cooperation, then excursions or events that involve all staff can be an ideal reward. This kind of activity generates excitement and interaction, encouraging individuals to get to know each other better, while creating a feel-good factor within the team. There is a diverse range of team events available in the UK that are suitable come rain or shine. Consider a Bear Grylls Survival Academy to challenge and encourage staff bonding, or a trip to the races or a beer festival, like Bierfest, for a more sociable occasion. Your team reward could even be as simple as a treasure hunt or cooking event, as long as it’s viewed as a reward and enjoyable for all.

Incentive travel

For a more dramatic reward, incentive travel is becoming increasingly popular. It’s an extremely desirable reward that can really get staff excited and keen to succeed. Sales incentive ideas like incentive travel are definitely at the luxury end of the incentives spectrum, particularly when long-haul destinations are on offer – like those mentioned below. Staff are also likely to feel extremely appreciated and valued when such once-in-a-lifetime style travel experiences are made available.  Popular destinations at the moment include:


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