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Words can have a big impact, and two of the most impactful are “Thank you”.  In day-to-day life these words make all the difference as to how you are perceived; forgetting to say them appears rude and that you take things for granted, whilst saying them demonstrates respect, and genuine appreciation.  So if all this emanates from two simple words in the every day, imagine the impact they can have in the workplace.

A large number of employees feel under-appreciated and frustrated at work.  Today’s working culture tends to be frenzied and demanding, requiring long hours or sacrificed weekends, all for the good of the company.  Yet despite all this, too many managers forget the importance of saying thank you.  For a staff member going above and beyond, a straightforward thank you is often enough to make it worthwhile.  Knowing that their efforts have been acknowledged will make them feel valued and much more willing to do it again when necessary.  Conversely the lack of a thank you is likely to make an employee feel demeaned and frustrated, and in the long-term is very likely to drive them away.  It’s amazing how much power “thank you” carries.


saying thank you in the workplace

Of course, a thank you can come in all shapes and sizes; the spoken word is only the beginning.  An increasing number of businesses are seeking bigger and better ways to thank their staff because appreciation is a proven route to a positive and productive environment.  Happy staff are productive staff, which makes them well-worth investing in and the variety of incentives and rewards programmes available reflect this.  If your company ethos makes employees a priority then the best will want to work for you and want to stick around.

Specific incentive programmes can make it easy to accomplish this for a whole host of reasons.  They may appear to be formal, but they actually make it personal.  Rewards initiatives bring high-performing staff to the attention of the management so they feel singled out and appreciated.  It also allows their talents to be noted and nurtured for positive development within your business.  This approach makes it possible to provide a targeted reward and avoid the uniformity, which can cause resentment and frustration.  Some programmes allow staff to choose their own rewards, so that satisfaction is guaranteed.  After all, not everyone derives pleasure from the same thing. 

Making rewards targeted and personal doesn’t make them exclusive, quite the contrary in fact.  Programmes should be open to all, so that each and every member of staff is encouraged to achieve.  This generally drives ambition and performance as everybody strives for recognition and awards.  It promotes a feel-good factor at work and at home, to be able to share with those close to you that your work has been recognised and lauded.  Making these opportunities available to all can only promote desirable behaviours in the workplace and drive productivity

In this way rewards initiatives are great for relationship-building.  They enable senior managers to personally acknowledge those staff members who are excelling, which makes for improved working relationships and mutual respect.  It also demonstrates that managers are interested in each team member’s personal contribution.  It’s so easy for those at the top to forget the hard work involved in getting there! Rewards initiatives act as a reminder to senior staff that they should be thanking and rewarding their teams on an ongoing basis. 

Likewise, enabling your managers to reward and thank their teams will have a positive effect on them as well.  Put simply, saying thank you feels good and will empower your senior staff to realise the positive impact that their roles can have.  In this way staff at all levels feel the benefit of an incentives programme.  Retaining the best employees is deeply important in today’s competitive marketplace.  Rewarding staff and creating high morale in a positive working environment is a fast track to achieving this.  In short, saying thank you, in any form, rewards hard work and makes staff feel good, which ultimately improves your team and makes your company more profitable.

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