My recent blog about the route to success and how to work towards achieving your goals got me thinking.  As I endorsed my heartfelt belief that asking for help when you need it is key to success, it reminded me of how much impact a strong and like-minded team can have when working towards any goal.

I once attended a talk given by a senior executive of a multi-billion dollar company presenting to their global team. The message was simple - ‘Start Stopping’.  A strange opening line I thought, until he went on very simply to explain that every single person on that team needed to look at every aspect of what they do every day, and if the purpose or outcome was not strictly aligned to the company’s goals then STOP.  Stop straight away, no matter what it is and start again. Start again with the sole focus being to play your individual part in achieving the common company goal. No matter how small your piece of the puzzle is, if you achieve your relevant goal it moves the whole team one step further forward to success; to the end of the journey, and the desired outcome. 

Teamwork is the key. ‘The sum of all the parts is greater than the whole’, right? So, play your part, achieve your goal and enable others to achieve theirs.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, everyone has their skill set and everyone has their limitations, so when you put these myriad different skills together you will ultimately be pooling all the skills you need to succeed as a team.  Of course this can only happen if individuals come together to not only share their own skills, but to ask for help as and when they need it.  Your colleagues’ skills are a resource like any other and should be used to the best advantage for your team.  Leaving such an important resource untapped would be a terrible waste, and a demonstration of poor professional judgment to boot!

World leaders, business gurus, and sports men and women all achieve greatness because they have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it. However, you can be sure they would all tell you that they wouldn’t have got there without asking for help from others.  Others who have the skills and knowledge that they did not possess (you only have to listen to an Oscars speech to hear that!).  This is equally true in the business world; trying to go it alone is both foolish and doomed to failure.  Teamwork really is the only way.

Whilst the bonus of learning from other people’s skills is a great perk to working within a team, it’s not the best bit.  The best part is the support network that inevitably forms when a team is truly working together.  Knowing that your peers ‘have your back’ and that you are looking out for them in return creates a great feeling of solidarity and community spirit.  Building a strong team will only contribute to your chances of succeeding, as each team member will want to succeed, not only for themselves, but for the rest of their team, and this sort of motivation is a force to be reckoned with.

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