Sales incentives programmes can be set up as a way to get the most out of your workforce. In basic terms, if you offer rewards as part of an incentive programme for employee high performance, then staff should be motivated by the desire to win those rewards, work harder to do so, and achieve great results for you in the process. Sales incentive rewards can also make your staff feel valued and appreciated, which means they are far more likely to want to do a good job for you and your company. 


Choosing desirable sales incentives rewards

Ideally, your rewards on offer should be desirable enough to encourage the behaviours and performance that you’re looking for from staff. The rewards should also live up to employee expectations. If they don’t interest them then they might disengage and your programme won’t be effective.

There are many ways to ensure the sales incentive rewards you offer are desirable. This includes providing a catalogue of rewards, which an employee can choose from, or setting up tiered options that they can work towards by hitting staggered targets. Whatever method you choose, it’s wise to bear in mind that the more desirable your rewards are, the better your results should be.


There are different categories of rewards to consider in a sales incentive scheme. They include:

  • Incentive travel – Travel is often viewed as a luxury experience and will have a high perceived value, so your staff should work hard to win this reward. The opportunity to win a place on a trip, should be appealing to most staff, so it’s a great way to maximise the impact of your incentive rewards scheme. Incentive travel also has great ‘talkability’, as recipients will be really keen tell others about their prize and their experience before and after the trip. It can also make them feel looked after, appreciated and highly valued.

    Incentive travel destinations could range from Dublin, Ireland or Budapest in Hungary to Cape Town, South Africa, or Tokyo in Japan. 


  • High adrenaline activities and experiences – The chance to win an experience can be extremely motivational as it is an opportunity for the employee to do something exciting, extreme, or out of the ordinary, which they may have never done before.

    Experiences could include white water rafting, zip-wiring, rally driving or indoor skydiving.
    Being given the privilege of enjoying such experiences, can encourage recipients to build an emotional bond with you. This can further strengthen their loyalty towards you as a company.


  • Technology – The latest versions of popular tech gadgets, like smart phones or ipads, are extremely aspirational for many people, which make them a powerful incentive with wide appeal. The regularity of new releases, alongside an expensive price tag and well-liked brands, also makes technology a highly desirable reward.

    Popular choices include the Apple Watch or iPad, the latest HD TVs, Bose wireless headphones, or a Sonos speaker system.


  • eVouchers – Useful and appealing, vouchers can be offered at different values, so that the desirability can be ramped up according to your requirements. Compared with the traditional award of a company’s financial bonus, vouchers can be seen as being more valuable because they won’t be lost amidst an employee’s monthly outgoings. They can also be easily personalised, either by choosing a shop that appeals to a particular employee or a more diverse retailer, like a department store, which allows the recipient to select something they really want. This helps maximise the perceived value of the vouchers.


These are just some of the categories of key sales incentive rewards that Corporate Rewards can offer, the list could go on. Other examples include:

  • Sports equipment
  • Jewellery
  • Food and drink
  • Health and Beauty
  • Leisure and Fitness


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