Throughout March we have been encouraging you to get thinking about your summer event. Whether it’s an end of incentive trip, hospitality, an experience day, team event or the annual company conference, events can be used to reward staff by providing them with positive memories that also have the benefit of being associated with their employer.

Here are some top tips to make sure your corporate event doesn’t frazzle in the summer sunshine:

  • Who’s it for?
  • What's it all about? - take time to think what type of event your audience will really enjoy
  • Get the basics right - try not to jump straight into thinking about all the exciting ideas for your event; identify the absolutely critical aspects you need to consider
  • It's all in the planning - don't leave it to the last minute or hope that luck will save the day. A rushed, unplanned event or programme can leave your audience feeling frustrated and disappointed, resulting in long-term negativity  that takes a long time and a lot of hard work to undo (if you can!)
  • The season’s are a-changing - keep an eye on the seasons or landmark events coming up in the year (either internationally, such as the World Cup), nationally (like national charity days) or specific to your company (for example, anniversaries) and build around them
  • Be creative - perhaps your organisation has run an annual sales conference every year and maybe now it's time to shake things up. Consider a different venue; theme the day; engage the services of third party companies to add something different to the event
  • Build the excitement - if you really want to engage your audience, get them excited about the event beforehand. Consider using relevant social media channels to get the buzz going and maximise opportunities before and after the event
  • Be remembered - make sure your event stays in people's minds long after...and for the right reasons...

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