Whether you’re running an employee recognition programme or an incentive scheme, the rewards you choose should be meaningful if you want them to have an impact on your staff. Employee rewards can be a satisfying bonus for any employee who has put in an outstanding performance over time, like during a campaign or busy period. But if the rewards you offer at the end of an incentive scheme aren’t of value to the recipient, then your programme isn’t being fully effective.


Choosing unique employee rewards for your staff

Employee recognition and incentive schemes can be tailored to suit your company’s needs and, as part of the set up, you can select a bespoke rewards catalogue to offer your staff. The question is: what kind of rewards should you offer?

It’s important to appeal to as many of your employees as possible, so diversity and accommodating multiple interests and preferences is crucial. Having rewards on offer that match your staff’s interests can show how well you know and value them. A range of values is important too, so that rewards can be tiered according to seniority or level of targets achieved. This can fit in well with a points-banking system, whereby staff can work towards the reward they really want over a period of time.

By incorporating these different factors, it will be easier to keep your staff engaged and interacting with your incentives programme, so they can be recognised and rewarded regularly.


Types of employee rewards

Your rewards catalogue can be divided into categories, making it easy for staff to find something that appeals to them and easy for you to manage. The Corporate Rewards range includes the following options:


Product rewards

With over 500 carefully selected products, you’re sure to find something to suit each of your employees. All items are categorised into sub-sectors, including technology, experience days, food and drink, leisure, and jewellery. We also incorporate seasonal categories to ensure the range of options remains fresh and relevant, like festive rewards at Christmas time. Products examples include:

Technology – iWatch, iPad, TVs, GoPro

Music – Sonos sound system, wireless headphones, DAB radio

Food & drink – hampers, champagne gift packs, coffee makers, BBQ

Adrenaline experiences – Segway racing, hot air balloon trips, surfing, flying lessons



Digital rewards feature music downloads and e-vouchers for high-street stores. These options are perfect for a quick and instant incentives solution and can be easily tiered for high or low-value rewards. Examples include Amazon or Apple vouchers.

Prepaid cards

MyCard is a flexible prepaid card solution we offer at Corporate Rewards for worldwide instant rewards. It’s available in a virtual format to use for online purchasing or as a plastic card, which can be used anywhere the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed. Again, the value of these rewards is completely discretionary. They can also be reloaded on an ongoing basis, making them a great long-term solution.


Vouchers are a traditional option and an extremely popular choice for employee rewards. You can decide on vouchers for high-street shopping, leisure activities or even the cinema, so that your recipients can opt for whatever matches their interests and the activities they enjoy most. This reward is also adaptable in terms of value – if you want to spend more on your high performers, for instance. Examples of vouchers include department stores like Marks and Spencer or John Lewis, and cinema chains like Odeon or Cineworld.


A personal touch when delivering your rewards

Once you’ve got your range of employee rewards right, it’s important to remember that how you deliver them can have a big impact on your staff. So it’s a good idea to add a personalised message when presenting your rewards, which highlights what employees have achieved.

How you present them may vary depending on the reward in question. MyThanks Instant Points Codes, for instance, are presented to staff via email, SMS or reward card. The reward card option comes with a wallet, which allows room to add a personalised message. Alternatively, the email or SMS reward can be sent with a message built in. And, of course, the old-fashioned approach of actually saying thank you, never goes amiss.


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