MyRewards Custom

The MyRewards Custom package has been designed for clients who require bespoke functionality or additional customisations to their programme, outside the current capabilities of the MyRewards system. 

We know that there’s a small chance MyRewards might not do exactly what you need. Our custom package allows us to develop extra bespoke development and functionality to specifically meet your exact requirements.

Whether that’s a fully customised reskin design to exactly match a partner system, a new API to integrate your programme into internal systems or a bespoke piece of gamification, our developers will work with you to scope out your requirements and build to your specification.

Design your programme from ALL available system features and modules PLUS any required client customisations

Set up from

£18,000 Plus £250.00 per month

Launch in 10+ weeks

Talk to us about providing a quote for your custom requirements

Strategy and Support

Utilise our teams expertise and knowledge to help create, design and maintain your project plan.

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