Incentive travel

What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel is a business trip experience that provides an exciting and unforgettable way for a company to reward or thank their employees for their hard work. From glacier walking in Iceland to riding elephants through the streets of India, island hopping in Croatia to swimming with dolphins in Singapore, an incentive travel trip can give your staff the chance to visit exotic destinations and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime-style experiences through your business.

But incentive travel isn’t just about giving your employees a jolly holiday and a good time. When done well it can incentivise your staff to work harder, help boost their daily performance and improve their attitude to your company. You can also use it as an opportunity to bring all your staff together and incorporate business training and activities to build up skills, like team building. All this can help them return to work a more fired up and educated employee, eager to perform better, while inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. This can improve your productivity and, in turn, better your business.



Experiences to develop motivated,
inspired, loyal and hard-working staff 

Your staff are your biggest business asset. To get the most out of your company, you should aim to get the most from your staff too. Making them feel valued and appreciated by marking and rewarding their successes to achieve this is key.

This is where incentive travel can help, from making your staff happier in their roles to educating, inspiring and motivating them to work harder, to boosting their loyalty towards your business and keeping them in your company for longer.

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Employee benefits

  • Feeling more valued and appreciated
  • Happier and more engaged in their work
  • More satisfied in their job role
  • Driven to work harder and perform better
  • More motivated by other staff
  • Greater respect for your company
  • Inspired and empowered to do more for your business

Business benefits

  • Improved staff morale and increased retention
  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Staff with higher levels of respect for your business
  • Employees who are more loyal to your company
  • Staff who stay at your company for the long-term
  • Employees who become your business ambassadors
  • Staff who keep you and your brand front of mind

How we can help your business
with incentive travel

Our dedicated events service at Corporate Rewards prides itself in offering the best incentive travel experiences for your business. This includes customised quality trips tailored to your company, from designing a travel incentive that’s suitable for your business specifications and staff to delivering it to fit your budget and schedule. We also offer first-rate travel packages, including flights and transfers with travel insurance, accommodation and food and drink.  

Our trips come with activities that can create unforgettable moments for your staff, which they will forever associate with your company, from helicopter flights over landmark cities to camel rides across breath-taking deserts to boat excursions around beautiful bays. We also include exciting experiences that can build up business skills, all with the aim of bettering your employees. This includes activities that help with team building and leadership, such as yachting and white water rafting.

In addition to this, our team provide dedicated and experienced event managers to host your travel incentive, provide an itinerary, help create the best experience for your employees, and do the hard work for you. We can offer travel experiences as a standalone trip, or as part of a wider incentive programme, such as the ultimate reward to end your sales incentive scheme. With great connections in the travel industry, we also know where the top incentive travel experiences are, and where the next best destinations can be found too.

"Excellent delivery in planning and during the event. Innovation is at the heart of the event and Corporate Rewards keep delivering on this. Corporate Rewards have raised the bar in the delivery of our demanding requirements without issue or fuss. A purely professional and teamwork approach to executing an Industry leading event."
EMEA Partner Enablement Manager, NetApp

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