Programme Objectives

  • To create an online training platform which could grow across the company on a global scale
  • Drive engagement through the company to some 1500 employees in Europe
  • Provide multilingual courses l Flexibility of training at their own pace

The Solution

Created a bespoke e-learning platform for Brother International Europe called ‘Brother University’

Programme Objectives image

What we did

Key features that were incorporated within this e-learning platform, includes:

  • iCal feature - download course dates into your Outlook
  • Book courses online – simple, fast and 24/7
  • Personalisation to user – personal training calendar
  • Management facilities - course management, reporting and user management
  • Online Certificates – feel valued
  • Online library for document downloads – a central place to find the information you need
  • Rewards based e-learning – reward your employees

The Brother University platform proved to have several key benefits, including:

Flexibility – Employees can train and learn online 24/7 and 365 days a year. It allows employees to train in their own time – at work, at home or when travelling. In a world that’s fast-paced and employees having commitments outside of work, flexibility is one of the keys to a happy workforce. Centralising training means that one portal can deliver training in multiple languages, globally.

Booking online – with booking online and automated email confirmations, there is no laborious manual or 3rd party tasks involved. It’s easy, fast, employees can book anywhere at any time. Brother International Europe has made this an easy feature on their site, incorporating a new iCal feature, so that employees can book and download dates directly into their diary.

Cost effective – having an online learning platform means you can save money in the long run. Businesses across the UK claim to have saved at least 90% of training costs by just bringing all internal training online. Better investment in employee development means better investment in productivity from employees, which in turn means better ROI for the business

Multilingual – Brother found that taking a test in another language other than your first language, could result in an employee failing the test, so in fact deterring them from taking a test at all. Therefore, having a multilingual site is an imperative part of development, to increase engagement.

Management reporting – With an e-learning platform, you can view results in one place, whether this is for the whole company, departmental, by manager or by individual users. This means you needn’t go to several places or people to get data and manipulate it. It’s all in one place.

With these features in place now, Brother’s e-learning platform has a global presence across the company with firm foundations for continual growth and the opportunity to focus on European countries, with the objective to increase engagement, knowledge and ROI worldwide.



1,000 active global users with an average 63% pass rate across 152 courses


of preregistration users have made repeat visits to the site

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