Programme Objectives

  • To raise the profile of Kohler products in showrooms across the UK
  • To increase sales of Kohler products
  • To increase loyalty of Kohler brand within showrooms

The Solution

An online points banking platform was built to help drive sales of Kohler products, but rewarding points for every sale of eligible products.

Leading on from this an e-learning element was added to the website to equip showroom staff with knowledge on Kohler products, encouraging them to sell Kohler products over competitors.

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What we did

Designer bathroom company Kohler is a recognised brand in the USA but is fairly new to the UK and European market. So within a competitive market, they were looking to implement a sales incentive programme to help raise their profile.

By increasing product knowledge through e-learning channels, showroom staff will feel confident in selling Kohler products over competitor products.

Corporate Rewards designed and developed a tailored online points banking platform aimed at showroom managers and staff, to help drive sales of Kohler products, by rewarding points for every sale of eligible products.

The site provided a breakdown for each user to view where their points were awarded; through sales or completion of e-learning modules.

Participants could earn points for passing e-learning modules and for logging sales of Kohler products, with opportunities for earning bonus points along the way. Points are awarded for passing modules, to spend at the online reward catalogue, on experiences, overnight stays, magazine subscriptions, technology, and food and drink.

The comprehensive two-tiered e-learning modules comprise presentations followed by a quiz and cover a range of topics around product knowledge and soft skills – modules include sales skills; customer service; basic plumbing; product training, among others. 

An extra drive comes as participants have to complete the tier one learning before they can spend their points. Individuals can easily track their progress as they move through the modules and they must pass all tier one modules before moving onto tier two. If the pass mark isn’t achieved first time, there is opportunity to re-take modules, answering different questions.

The online site also included all the recent promotions applicable for them to receive points on sales made.

Plus, Kohler staff could view each other’s sales performance through the league table; showing the names, scores and positions of the top performers. This element encouraged staff to focus and increase their own sales, so that they appeared on the leader board.

The programme was launched at Kohler’s yearly conference in St Andrews, Scotland, whereby our Events Team organised workshops to be held throughout the day and encouraged end users to experience the site and included a question and answer session.

The focus remains on the key aims and objectives of Kohler Boldly Rewards to ensure that it remains a success. Regular reporting ensures that the programme results are easily measurable and that it can adapt and grow to remain a success.



93% users earning points


68% completed at least 1 training

“Traditionally, quarterly incentive promotions have proven successful, but these usually create peaks and troughs in sales. Bold Rewards encourage more consistent selling throughout the year. The programme is also a fantastic opportunity to offer in-store training to showroom staff and each module can be completed in 10-15 minutes. We are delighted with the positive response we have received since launching Bold Rewards.”
Channel Manager, Kohler UK
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